10 Principles of Vovinam Việt Võ Đạo
  1. Vovinam's disciples vow to pursue high proficiency in their martial art in order to serve the people and humanity.

  2. Promise to be faithful to the intentions and teaching of Vovinam and develop the young generation of Vovinam Viêt Võ Dao.

  3. Be united in spirit and heart, respect one's elder, be kind to one's peers.

  4. Respect discipline absolutely, maintain the high standard of personal conduct and honour of a martial art disciple.

  5. Have respect for other martial art schools, only use martial art skills for self-defense and protect justice.

  6. Be studious, strengthen the mind, enrich one's thought & behavior.

  7. Live simply, with chastity, loyalty, high principles and ethics.

  8. Build up a spirit of steely determination and vigor, overcome powers of violence.

  9. Make intelligent judgments, carry out struggles with perseverance and act with alertness.

  10. Be self-confident, self-controlled, modest and generous.